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Albert Ramirez Canalias
Posted Dec 28 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys. I have one doubt about import. As you see in the example below I have a nav bar with multiple slab. The main issue is that this nav bar goes beyond the limits of the screen and when importing to Framer... well, it crops it.

How can I import this nav bar to make it completely scrollable?

And there is another issue... The slabs of the same design are supposed to be tappable and when you tap on one of those the content below snaps to a specific page (I solved that part with "snapToPage"). It works but just for the first slab. In the other cases I get this message: "Error: This layer is not in the scroll component content". Any idea?



Jonas Treub

If you share your Sketch file I'll take a look.

Albert Ramirez Canalias

For sure ;) Actually, I can't share the WIP though... So I came up with this kind of design that emulates the WIP one

Jonas Treub

What version of Sketch are you using? I am on 3.4.4 and importing goes without issues.

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