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Leeves Chou
Posted Jan 01 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I'm a new framer .I create multiple layers and I'm failed to center one of them. How can I do this?or use loop function to center all layers ?Thx



I recommend to use array. It is very useful.

Andrew Nalband

You can center them all like so - coffeescript cares about whitespace

Andrew Nalband

if you only want to center one of them you can do this

Fran Pérez

Like this will also work :)

Andrew Nalband

Like this will also work ;)

Andrew Nalband

This will work too ;)

Andreas Wahlström

I think this is a common issue with framer. I always found it a bit awkward to create additional hierarchy or temporary arrays just so you could target a layer. Here's how you could do it similar to jQuery instead:

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