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Julius Koroll
Posted Dec 23 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys I am doing this great Skillshare-Class from Noah at the moment and I have this little issue: I Have a draggable todo I want to swipe right to let it disappear. I want to lock the swipe-direction, so it can only be swiped to the right and not to the left because there is no function behind it in the design. How can I lock the direction for it to only let it swipe in one direction. I tried draggable constraints but it didn't work out for me.


Riccardo Zecchini

probably there is a better approach, but you can assign Layer.x position to 0 when attempting to drag it below 0 value

Julius Koroll

Perfect, this works brilliantly! How does the @x shortcut work?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I did this on my Inbox example. Search the group for it. It's not entirely simple. But should help you see a few things on how to approach it.

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