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Trung Huynh
Posted Dec 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the group, have been trying various page-based / layer-based prototyping tools such as Flinto, Principle ... and now decided to switch to the code-based Framer as I was awed by its near-limitless capabilities of such a prototyping tool.

Only one concern in mind: having played around with it for a while, I find it's difficult to build multi-page prototype (multiple artboards). Just wondering if there's any resource or tutorial that I can go to to see how a muti-page prototype is made? Thanks.


Koen Bok

You are right. Framer could be really good at this, but isn't optimized for simple flows (yet). I'd say the current best way is to use a contributed module and feed it different sketch artboards:

Mike Johnson

Koen Bok can you recommend a good workflow for getting live updates within framer from multiple files open in atom? Should I setup a webpack-dev-server to bundle the files down to a module that the framer file imports? Would that even work?

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