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Martini Gre
Posted Dec 21 - Read on Facebook

Hey Guys,

I think about to get Framer, but first I am looking for answers I did not found in the Internet.

1) Is it possible to have more "Pages" in one Prototype and link them via Buttons? (Cancel, next, and so on...)

2) Can I export my Prototype on the devices to my Friends/Colleagues and they can use it without Internet?

3) Is it possible to export to Microsofts Surface?

Thanks a lot.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Martini Gre, let's see. :-)

1. Yes! Definitely. You can use the PageComponent to create a set of pages you can flick between, or you can call the snapToPage() method within a click event, for example. Check out our section on the component here —

2. Check out Frames for iOS, which includes offline saving.

3. We don't currently have that device as one of our preview modes. As far as how prototypes function on it, I'm not sure.

Martini Gre

Thanks a lot. :)

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