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Jianqi Chen
Posted Dec 21 - Read on Facebook

hey everyone, I am new to framer.js, any useful and free resources that can start learning with?


Sergey Voronov
Jordan Robert Dobson

Check out the learn section and videos posted on the site.

Dave Crow

The Framer learn section and docs are great. I also highly recommend the CoffeeScript for Framer ebook. It's $12 but well worth it.

Poamrong Rith

Welcome to framer..!

Adria Jimenez

After you learn the basics if you want to learn more you can take my Framer complete course here that will teach you more than just the basics
And you can use the coupon FRAMERGROUP to get a nice discount :)

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Jianqi Chen, make sure to check out our Resources section as well. It contains some really great learning resourcces, including all mentioned here. We recently updated it with new content as well. :-)

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