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Ee Venn Soh
Posted Dec 20 - Read on Facebook

Can framer .html support SVG? I try to put SVG in it but it is not displaying it? A quick test, var rect = new Layer();
rect.html = '<svg><rect width="60" height="60" fill="#ed1a6c"/></svg>';


Sufiyan Yusuf
Ee Venn Soh

Thanks for the link. I have seen that before. I am just wondering if .html api doesnt support SVG?

Ee Venn Soh

Any ideas would be much appreciated (:

Dennis Kerzig

Just omit the "var" and your example works as expected ;)

Dennis Kerzig

semicolons aren't necessary neither

Ee Venn Soh

Dennis Kerzig I am writing in Javascript but not coffeescript. There is nothing wrong with the syntax.

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