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David Hubler
Posted Dec 18 - Read on Facebook

Good evening, all...

I'm trying to "paint" a grid. The idea is that a user would tap and drag over a grid to fill in boxes. Essentially a MouseOver event, but with touch. I'm not seeing anything in the docs.

Here's my code...


Jordan Robert Dobson

Step 1. Build a grid (check snippets)

Step 2. Add a TouchMove event to layer that covers the entire screen

Step 3. Get x and y position from that TouchMove event

Step 4. Loop over all your boxes

Step 5. Check if the position in between each of your box's minX/Y maxX/Y values.

Step 6. If so light it up.

That's where I'd start.

David Hubler

Jordan - sweet. I'm getting there, but I think I'm missing something because the TouchMove event doesn't seem to fire on iOS... :-/

Taylor Wright

Just what I was looking for, thanks gang!

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