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Aaron Brako
Posted Dec 18 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone know how I can get a prototype working on a Surface tablet? I tried opening it up in Edge but nothing will scroll.


Arron J Hunt

Download a *real* browser ;)

Arron J Hunt

Just kidding, but it is likely Edge just isn't compatible

Callil Capuozzo

My prototypes work fine on a surface, can you share it?
Of course you can also download chrome!

Rohan K

try using touch, mouse clicks do not register on the surface

Jordan Robert Dobson

I have some code for you to make the mouse work... But it will disable touch. Edge should work well... I know Weston Thayer uses it.

Callil Capuozzo

Check out jordan's stuff above, -> there is another way to some of the things working through PEP:


Koen Bok

Yes does TouchDown work vs Click? If so I can fix that.

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