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George Kedenburg III
Posted Dec 16 - Read on Facebook

Learn how Framer helped Christophe design and prototype one of Facebook's newest features: Collage!


Christophe Tauziet

Marc Krenn

Very insightful and overall great piece, Christophe! :)

Care to spill the beans on how you set up the - for lack of a better term - '3D device' used in the video? I've tried to do this numerous times but I've always struggled with aligning the '3D wrapper' with the photo below. Any tips? Thanks.

Koen Bok

Cool to read, but most important; stellar product design. I think this looks great.

Ihsan Rama

But why people at facebook don't use origami? just asking.

Stephen Crowley

I love reading these, really shows the thought and care that goes into good product design. Also, this displays the benefit of prototyping throughout the design process. Thanks for sharing Christophe!

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