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Ehren Miller
Posted Dec 16 - Read on Facebook

Put together a Framer project creating and animating snowfall. Lots of fun!


Chris Camargo


Jonas Treub


Koen Bok

Winter is coming!

Ehren Miller

Thanks all! Curious if there's a more efficient way to run this (in real life I'd probably use an animated gif), but if there's a cleaner way to do this through code so it could run on a phone without lagging, I'd love to see it.

Marc Krenn

Very impressive Ehren! :D

Unfortunately, I think it's as good & fast as it gets with vanilla framer, but you could try to using three.js which performs way better with such tasks.



Or, as you've already mentioned above, you could also pre-render a video or image sequence ... After Effects has a sweet locking snow generator.

Quite some time ago I've exported a such a scene in an proRes4444-encoded .mov w/ alpha channel. The transparend background worked back then, but now it doesn't - the background stays solid black, (@Koen) but you can set the blend mode to "screen" as a workaround. 31,6mb

Rick Martin

Shake to activate snowflakes might be fun!

Ehren Miller

Rick Martin: that's a cool idea. Maybe I'll take a shot at it when I get some downtime!

Kris Wan

Looks gorgeous

Casey Callow

So awesome

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