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Gregory Dean Hall
Posted Dec 16 - Read on Facebook

I would like to thank the Framer JS community for helping me on my way to be a great prototyper.Happy Christmas. Jordan Robert Dobson Keishi Tsuchiya Jonas Treub Will Colley Anton Jarl Hoffer Gábor Isaac Weinhausen Andrew Nalband Koen Bok @Stephen Crowley @Jorn van Dijk @Arron J Hunt @Robert van Klinken


Jorn van Dijk

Its our pleasure, Gregory!

Philip Kuklis

You forgot Andrew Nalband ! ;)

Jordan Robert Dobson

You're very welcome. Merry Christmas

Isaac Weinhausen

Merry Christmas!

Koen Bok

You're welcome man.

Arron J Hunt

Keep at it. You only get better from here

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