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Kevin Cannon
Posted Dec 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey all,
Anyone got any tips on how layering works? I have a bunch of files that are within the iPhone Viewer Template (see highlighted), and a bunch that are outside and above it.

The general brignToFront etc... functions I get, but i don't know why some things are within the Template and others outside. Any pointers?


Dmitry Sholkov

Hey Kevin! Good to see you here :)
Usually exported layers from Sketch/PS appears in one group. But for new layer you need to assign super layer. Have you assigned iPhone_55S5C as a super-layer for manually created layers in Framer?

Kevin Cannon

Dmitry - hey! :) Hope all's well in AMS!

Ahh, why didn't i think of that. Sounds like it should work. I'll give it a shot! Thanks for the tip!

Marc Krenn

Hey Kevin,
Framer imports the folder-structure of sketch- and photoshop-files :)

Here are two examples about altering the layer hierarchy after the import:

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