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Joshua Dickens
Posted Dec 13 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone ever made a version of Utilities.modulate that uses a non-linear curve for the modulation? Would be cool if you could optionally pass in one of the animation curves and have it re-map the values along it…


Marc Krenn

Hey Joshua,

yeah, a non-linear modulate would be pretty dope :). As I'm a pretty terrible programmer, so I really can't make any promises, but I'll try to take a look at it whenever I find the time.

Anyway, until then, you could try to chain multiple 'Utils.modulate' , which can give you curve-like modulation. As you can imagine, finding the right values can be pretty exhausting, though.


Here's an example of chaining just two Utils.modulate, yet I think the outcome is pretty interesting:

(and hey, - what are the chances? - it's an Instagram-themed prototype!)

Arron J Hunt

Would be awesome to have a curve parameter on modulate, and not very difficult to implement. Someone do it!

Marc Krenn

Everyone's cool with using predefined curves like the ones seen on ?

You know, I'm afraid numerically-defined curves would add a lot of complexity and only little of value to it, as those standard curves should cover around 95-99% of all cases anyway. What do you guys think?

Josh Puckett

You can do this; you just have to first get an array for spring values and then you can modulate them.

For example, this basically does that (in Swift, but the pseudo code is exactly the same):

Jonas Treub

Also pretty cool for normal curves:

Marc Krenn

btw I'm working on it right now. Looks pretty promising, should be ready in a few hours :)

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