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Jungsoo Park
Posted Dec 13 - Read on Facebook

I want to add 4 images in white layers. Anyone know how to do it?
I'm new to Framer. Thanks.


Jungsoo Park

I fixed my problem with this below.

images = [“images/A.png", “images/B.png", “images/C.png", “images/D.png"]

# Defining name
name = ["layerA", "layerB", "layerC", "layerD”]

# Create a PageComponent
page = new PageComponent
scrollVertical: false
width: Screen.width
height: Screen.height
contentInset: {top: 168, right: 148}
borderRadius: 6

# Create 4 layers
for index in [0..3]
layer = new Layer
superLayer: page.content
image: images[index]
name: name[index]

Thanks anyway. :-)

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