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Gregory Dean Hall
Posted Dec 12 - Read on Facebook

Anyone know how to to make this spin without stopping? Thanks


Marc Krenn

It's pretty complicated for such a seemingly trivial task, though :)

Maybe someone (like Jordan) can come up with a better, easier solution?

Koen Bok

Couldn't you use this technique here:

Marc Krenn

Technically, yeah, he could do that - assuming the loading overlay fades away anyway after n seconds, using Utils.delay.

But if he tries to make changes / end the animation based on a certain number of revolutions - and that's what his original file implied - that won't work with your solution, Koen. Also, 'Events.AnimationEnd' fires every time the Animation is done, ignoring 'repeat'.


* a public read-only 'animate.repeatCounter' + 'Events.AnimationRepeated'

* 'Events.AnimationEnd' should probably consider 'repeat' and only fire after the animation was repeated for the last time.

Gregory Dean Hall

It should loop to infinity.

Gregory Dean Hall


Gregory Dean Hall

Thanks Koen. I think it was the ease that was the problem

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