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Ban Nguyen
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Could someone help me? Thank you so much!

I am new with FramerJS, what I am trying to do is collecting user info male or female, instead of using radio buttons, I want to use icons (male and female icon). Ex, when user selects male then the male icon should change color from grey to blue. Thank you very much! This is what i have so far but it doesn't work


Marc Krenn

Made some changes here and there, most of them are annotated. If anything seems unclear, let me know :)

Jonas Treub

If you set color properties directly on layer they are preserved when you switch states:

Ban Nguyen

Thank you sooo much Marc Krenn and Jonas Treub!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Try this... I cleaned it all up for you:

Ban Nguyen

Thank you so much Jordan Robert Dobson!

Ban Nguyen

Also, how do you set the IOS keyboard to numeric keyboard? for numeric field.

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