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Christian Schaf
Posted Dec 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I hope its ok to ask my question here. Iam using Framer with Intellij IDEA. I want create own modules. For testing purpose I created a modules folder next to the framer directory. Then I created an with exports.myText = "Hello World". In my i wrote at the first line myModule = require "myModule". If I try to open the index.html, I always get a message, which says "Module myModule cant be found".

I tried to install the latest version of node.js -> no success

What can I do?


Chris Camargo

Modules belong inside your Framer project, not alongside them as you've described.

Example: myProject.framer/modules

Christian Schaf

Koen Bok

This won't work outside of Framer studio unless you preprocess your files with CoffeeScript with something like Gulp.

Chris Camargo

Ah, didn't realize you were working *entirely* outside of Studio. I assumed you were just writing your modules in IntelliJ. Sorry for the confusion.

Christian Schaf

where are the prepocessed coffescript files stored?

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