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Marc Krenn
Posted Dec 09 - Read on Facebook

I've just tried out using 'draggable.directionLock' for the first time and to be honest, it was a bit of a letdown, or let me put it another way: It doesn't behave like I've expected it to:

* For some reason, the draggable layer doesn't move within it's threshold boundaries, which is kinda weird. Does anyone actually want/need that behavior?

* Once you've dragged the layer outside of the threshold, the direction stays locked, even if you're dragging it back into the threshold-zone. While this may be useful in some cases, I'd assume 95% of the time you'd lock the direction manually via 'draggable.*direction* = false'. Especially since a ...

* Change of direction is only possible if you let go and re-click/tap the draggable layer.


Gif: The top layer shows what I expected from 'draggable.directionLock*Threshold'

(I know, my straight dragging is a bit unfortunate - but believe me, once it lefts the 'zone' it is actually direction-locked :) )


What do you guys think?


Jordan Robert Dobson

From what I understand it's a threshold you set where as the item won't lock into a drag direction until that threshold is met... Also drag events won't fire either.

Jonas Treub

The direction lock comes in really handy when you combine for example a pagecomponent and scroll component like in the Medium example. If the direction lock would allow an offset in both x and y directions you would see a tiny edge of another page. Probably not what you want, right?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Exactly. Or like in slack you want to scroll up and down not accidentally pull out the side trays.

Marc Krenn

I can see how the current implementation is super-useful when being combined with scroll- and pagecompenents ...

... but that's not was I was talking about ;)

Chris Camargo

...but that's what it was made for.

Marc Krenn

touché ;)

Marc Krenn

Well, I guess using directionLock outside of the context of scroll/pageComponent is not too common then, hehe.


Guys, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's useless or something in its current form - I just *expected* it to work differently in the context of vanilla-draggables (see example.gif).

Different context = different expectation.

Oh, and I still think my points I came up with in the opening post are still reasonable and worthy of being discussed. No one really responded to those so far. Thanks. :)

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