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Kasper Risbjerg
Posted Dec 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,
Struggling a bit with creating scrollable content in Framer. Cannot find anything in the documentation that seems to be able to solve it. I am working of a Sketch file based on a few iPhone 6 artboards - one of the artboards contain multiple images and I want to create a vertical scroll feed, however Framer crops the images that sits outside the frame of the artboard. Any ideas how to solve this?


Paul Van Slembrouck

If I remember correctly, make your artboard taller in Sketch and then crop it in framer. Also make sure you have at least two levels of grouping on the scroll content.

Arnaud Le Roux

Delete your artboard and keep your layers inside a group and if needed a mask to match the iphone 6 size, then be sure that your group is at x:0 and y:0, update your framer and you should be able to scroll in the view without cropped content.

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