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James Cam
Posted Dec 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey- Just spent a couple hours trying to figure out why time wasn't working with the animation. Looks like you have to have a curve as part of it, otherwise it just ignores the time. Might want to update the docs.


Marc Krenn

Well, that's not entirely true ... ;)

* 'time' works just fine without setting any kind of 'curves', as it will use 'curve: "linear" ' as a default. You don't have to set it manually.

* 'time' also works in conjunction with ' curve: "ease-in", "ease-out", or "ease-in-out" '.

* However, the 'time'-parameter does NOT work with 'spring-curves', such as ' curve: "spring(300,30,0)" ' .

James Cam

Hmm- might have something to do with the release. 44 works fine on my home computer. At work 45 didn't work. Thanks for the comment.

Marc Krenn

Works fine on both releases.

Where did you try to set 'time'? Right after 'layer.animate'? Actually, it shouldn't make any difference but I personally like to put it at the end of 'layer.animate', like that:

__________x: 500
_____curve: "ease-in"
_____time: 1.5

James Cam

I'll double check at work tomorrow. Same code. Works here on 44.

Marc Krenn


If the problem persists, we'll be here to help. :) Maybe you did run into a bug after all ...

James Cam

K- so maybe I'm crazy. This morning upgraded to 46. Everything seemed fine. But now, I'm having issues again? Maybe I'm not writing the code properly? Marc Krenn, what do you think?

James Cam

Adding a curve doesn't fix it :(

James Cam

nmnm, it needs to be outside property. Thanks!

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