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Trevor Coleman
Posted Dec 08 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to have a module included by default when creating a new file?

I have a module that contains all the hex codes for th colours in simply named variables (e.g brandColours.redDark, brandColours.blueMedium, etc.) and I reference it every prototype I make.

It would be great if I didn't have to copy it every time I started a new file.


Trevor Coleman

Ah -- I've figured it out!

1. Select "Framer Studio 3 in Finder
2. Control-Click it, and choose "Show Package Contents"
3. Browse to /Resources/Framer Template
4. You can then add / edit files there and they will be included in new projects.

Marc Krenn

Nice find!

Trevor Coleman

I would really like to see a "module manager" in Framer Studio, where you could select one of your modules and have it automatically copied into the project's /modules folder and included at the top of the file.

Also it would be great of autocomplete read variable/object names out of included modules! (But we'll get there eventually)

Marc Krenn

Hey Trevor, a module manager will definitively come at some point :)

Trevor Coleman

Great to hear!

Jordan Robert Dobson

/cc Weston Thayer ;)

Trevor Coleman

As an FYI - I noticed some weirdness when trying to add other modules after doing this.

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