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Petter Silfver
Posted Dec 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey! Possibly stupid question coming up, but here goes. I'm using Framer Studio to prototype a TV UI and using Makey Makey to build the input source, so I'm looking to set the canvas of my prototype to 1920x1080. What I really like when I use the preset sizes is that the content of preview pane scales when I can't fit the native resolution on the screen that I use.

How do I get the benefits of content scaling in the preview pane ("Zoom: Fit"), and at the same time have the possibility to set the canvas size to 1920x1080?

Once again, sorry if I'm going about this the wrong way and missing something obvious, but I'd really enjoy a "Custom size" option under "Viewer"


Koen Bok

Select Snippets > Custom Device, change the size :-)

Petter Silfver

I knew this would be an easy one, thanks a bunch! :)

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