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Kyle Overton
Posted Dec 06 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I'm new to Framer. Is it possible to undock the coding column from the viewer? I have a dual monitor setup, and it would be nice to code on one screen, and view on the other.


Arved Baumgärtner

this feature is totally relevant. especially if you design for desktop applications. unfortunately it doesn't exist yet.

Kyle Overton

That's unfortunate. Thanks for the reply. I'm working on an project to be displayed on a 27" touchscreen TV. It'd be nice to design/test at full-size more easily. The Framer team releases updates steadily, thankfully. Looking forward to seeing this feature added.

Johannes Eckert

You can open your design in an external Browser (theres a menu in the toolbar, don't know the name right now). The external browser window should refresh when you save

Koen Bok

We're looking into adding this. Requires a bit of plumbing.

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