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Nick Simonson
Posted Dec 06 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone had any luck embedding an <iframe> in the the html: property? I was trying to embed a vimeo player, but it just pops open a new tab in the browser. I got it to work if I share it out but then you can't interact with the player.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I reported this already Jorn said he was on it.

Jonas Treub

It will be fixed in the next update.

Nick Simonson


Marc Krenn

Nick: Update your FS beta! :)

Jonas: Seems like "ignoreEvents = false" needs to be set explicitly to make clicks work. Bug or feature? :)

EDIT: Not a bug, it's a feature. Jordan was kind enough to explain it to me. 'ignoreEvents = true' is every layer's default state. It will be automatically set to ignoreEvents = false' if you have a 'layer.on Events....'

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