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Brian V. Tran
Posted Dec 04 - Read on Facebook

Help please:

I'm trying to animate a string of text to fade smoothly in and out in an infinite loop.

Originally, I defined multiple states then used to have it cycle through all of them, but it's not working? However, if I put in a specific state as an argument e.g.,"second"), it works.

Open to any sort of change. Hoping someone could help me fix my errors or point me to a better solution. I'd really appreciate it :)


Sergey Voronov

u have specified curve animation only for second state, it needs to be defined upper level for whole object, also with states - object now has 3 states at your sample "default" with attributes defined when u define the object, and also two states that u have added. make sense just to enter all values as default state, and create one state with second options, and then loop next state, which will go from default to "first" and then back to default and so on

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