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Harshad Kulkarni
Posted Dec 03 - Read on Facebook

Need help:

When I am sharing my prototype, few images are missing. The same image is visible in Framer Studio. Do you know why it is happening?


Swaminathan Jayaraman

Local images or hosted?

Stephen Crowley

I'd also see if they are local if they are pointing outside your project folder.

Jonas Treub

Do those images render if you open them in a browser?

Jonas Treub

Images could be corrupted

Jordan Robert Dobson

I've had this issue before too. Worked fine in studio not in web.

Harshad Kulkarni

Jonas Treub Images do render if open them in a browser.

Harshad Kulkarni

Jordan Robert DobsonYep. I am facing the same issue. Can not share my prototype :(

Harshad Kulkarni

Swaminathan Jayaraman Local Images

Harshad Kulkarni

Stephen Crowley They are not pointing outside the project folder.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I just ended up having to remake the image.

Fran Pérez

See if they have any spaces or strange characters, that usually fix it for me :)

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