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Kamal Nayan
Posted Dec 04 - Read on Facebook

How should I fit my Sketch art boards in every device edge to edge? I'm using Framer for Android on Nexus 6 but the art board only occupies a part of the screen. The actual width of the artboard is 1080px in Sketch. Any help guys? Thanks!


Toby Chan

I have same problem...

Sergey Voronov

framer is using same pixel number as your actual device has, so either design in same number of pixels in sketch, or scale artboard in framer

Denis Rostolopa

Not sure.. but you can try to set art board export scale 2x /3x etc. it depends on pixel density of your device

Swaminathan Jayaraman

Nexus 6 Dimensions - 1440x2560 px. Which is approx 1.3333 times of your current Artboard size. You can try using Framer.Device.contentScale = 1.3333 but it wont be perfect. Best option is to work on Sketch Artboard with 1440x2560 units.

Radomir Kupfer

Either export with scale, or use Sketch Constraints plugin to adapt your designs to your device screen size.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I use my DPR module to accomplish this. Lauren had used it as well with images.

It pretty much comes down to that or setting the images to be positioned and sized by the Screen.width and Screen.height values.

Swaminathan Jayaraman

Created a Nexus6 - Custom Device preview. Download here -

Kamal Nayan

Thank you guys!

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