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Josh Puckett
Posted Sep 29 - Read on Facebook

Someone asked for help with an accordion component in the Slack group, so I figured I'd post this here in case anyone needs some #slickaccordion action. Behavior is simple: uses an array to create a list of elements, and you can click to expand any of them and the others move to accommodate the expanded item. This isn't bulletproof (e.g. doesn't handle multiple open elements perfectly), but is pretty useful for most cases.


Jonas Treub

This is great Josh! I tried to tackle the multiple open elements problem. Here is a rebound: This isn't bulletproof either. Some elements get offscreen. Who's next?

Joshua Tucker

Nice job Josh! I'm working on an accordion-style list like this, except one that's scrollable.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I would just have each one follow the frame change of cell above it? I did something similar with the dots exploration I did. Each layer is aware of the one it's attached to so when it's buddy changes, it adjusts itself as well.

Florian Pnn

What's the link for the Slack group?! :)

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