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Amber Xue
Posted Dec 01 - Read on Facebook

How framer seamlessly connect with developers? Take a iOS app as an example, can developer take framer code for use? Or it's only a visual interaction reference? Looking forward to all your opinions.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I've done it but mostly just taking the logic and reapplying it. There are many more considerations but if the logic is solid share it with your developer.

Adria Jimenez

In my experience (I'm developer), I prototype with Framer because it's much more easier and faster to do prototypes and share with your teams or users to test. After I find the one that works and that I like I can then implement it in the app, as Jordan Robert Dobson says in most of the cases you already have the logic so you just need to transform it to the cocoa API.
That would be if you did a good logic. If the person working with Framer didn't do a good job then probably you have to rewrite everything but in the worst case you have the prototype and you know exactly what you need to implement.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think of Framer as a place to sketch an idea even since a lot of the methods translate to Obj-c / swift pretty cleanly. You just have less management of App like things in Framer and then when you get into xCode you can focus on implementing it well.

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