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Gregory Dean Hall
Posted Nov 28 - Read on Facebook

I have read the docs, but as a designer I find it hard to install the modules, like a camera or gyroscope etc. I download stuff from github, follow read me but there seems to be a disconnect in terms of UX between github(dev type people) and designers who are temping coding. It makes it harder and more intimidating.


Jonas Treub

Components are a broad subject. If you follow along the VRComponent blogpost we show how to extract classes like the VRComponent itself and VRLayer:

{VRComponent, VRLayer} = require "VRComponent"

After importing these classes using curly braces you can use them right away:

vr = new VRComponent

Let me know if you want more help.

Gregory Dean Hall

Thanks, Ill try that now. PS to access the phone or laptop camera, what do I do?

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