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Cyrus Cheng
Posted Nov 29 - Read on Facebook

anyone kown that ? in the framer official website,there are The of them like blow...
but i have try it in my new project in not work like chained infinitely.....


Oleksii Drozdenko

Just checked it. All works just fine. Try: a) to debug the code (sometimes if you misspelled even one letter, placed dot instead of comma etc. the whole thing just stops working); b) or try creating the "layerA" if you haven't created it first ("layerA = new Layer")

Cyrus Cheng

i have try it again...blow is my project...
it's animation only once...not infinitely...

Josh Ackerman

I had the same problem also, and maybe I overlooked something simple but I did not see anything wrong with your code. Here is an alternative solution.

Cyrus Cheng

Benjamin Den Boer can u fix it?...

Jordan Robert Dobson

It says it can be chained. Doesn't say it works that way. Read carefully. :)

Jonas Treub

Example using stateDidSwitch

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