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John Kopanas
Posted Nov 27 - Read on Facebook

Long time listener... first time caller! :-p #JustStartedUsingFramerYesterday

Is their a way to make it so that when I move a parent layer off screen that all child elements follow automagically?

I have a layer called "widget" whose superLayer is the first page "viewSettings". When viewSettings get's moved off screen why does "widget" not follow it? And is their any way I can have it automagically follow it?

Thanks... really loving Framer JS!


Stephen Crowley

Hey John, glad to see you coming from out of the shadows :) So, based on what you explained... you want " 'widget' who's super layer is viewSettings"... but on line 37 you make viewSettings the sublayer of widget. Change sublayers: viewSettings to superLayer: viewSettings and it'll do what you want.

John Kopanas

You got to be F'ing kidding me... I've been playing with this for 3 hours now! :-/ Damn... thanks Stephen Crowley!

Stephen Crowley

Haha, it happens to me all the time. You just needed another pair of eyes on it. :)

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