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Baisampayan Saha
Posted Nov 29 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys need a quick help....

how can i stop the vertical scroll of a scroll component when i m scrolling a page component that has horizontal movement and is a sublayer of the vertical scroll component

and another problem i am facing is that when i click a button i am not being able to call a certain page of a page component as the current page...


Stephen Crowley

Check out the search feature in groups- you'll find a few posts related to this topic- here is one to start:

Andrew Nalband

Can you attach your project? It always makes it easier to help.

Baisampayan Saha

Stephen Crowley thank you....the example sure did solve my first problem....But I am still struck with my second problem. In the image below, 2nd element at the top is selected and so the elements in "B" box is in focus. If somebody taps or clicks on the 1st element then "A" Box elements should come in focus or if 3rd element is tapped or clicked then box "C" elements should come in focus. The elements in A, B, C are elements of a pageComponent. I am not being able to figure out how to do this. Andrew Nalband hope the image at the bottom with the explanation helps. Thanks in advance...:)

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