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Lauren Nielsen
Posted Nov 28 - Read on Facebook

Good morning Frameristos! (a la Jordan) Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I just started using Sketch yesterday to build out the visuals of my next prototype. With the help of Rich, I group all my things so it's all imported how it should be, but how the heck do I call out the layers to add events or states or visible:true/ false or even add a 2x dimension so it's the correct resolution of the screen?? :D


Jordan Robert Dobson

First off the are under beacon layers

Jordan Robert Dobson

So they are properties and might be beaconLayers.Purchased.visible.

Lauren Nielsen

but they are all grouped! how do I set up my file so they are separated?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Check out the learn or examples section of the site.

Jordan Robert Dobson

So are you saying that the layer list in the middle isn't how you want it?

Katie Tinkler

To get them 2x I always select all of the required artboards on Sketch and go to edit > scale > 200% and if you import these they will be the correct size for your frame. Hopefully that helps!

Koen Bok

We'll also have something better for this pretty soon. Waiting on the next Sketch beta.

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