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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Dec 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! Today we’re launching a significant update to our frontpage. You’ll find three completely new sections. The first highlights all that you can build in Framer, from adaptive prototypes to animations in 3D. Next, we visualized the entire design workflow, from importing to sharing. The final section focuses on how Framer helps you learn to code. We’re super excited to launch these, and would love to hear your thoughts! :-)


Alberto Calvo

Great stuff as always! :)

Dennis Kerzig

Really appreciate the update. Beautiful, clean and straightforward. But hey guys, you already had one of the best landing-pages out there before ;) Fallen in love with these moving tiles in the hero section.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great work as always. Viva la moonbase!

Daniel Lauding


Scott Simpson

Thanks for the continued improvements!

Noah Levin

Soooo hottttt

Aaron James

Good stuff guys!

Daniel Sánchez

I'd still like to see more tutorials. :)

German Bauer

Keeps getting better and more accessible, congrats

Julius Tarng

Great update! Btw new sections are super hard to read on mobile.

Benjamin Den Boer

Julius Tarng, hmm - this could've happened during deploys yesterday. Does this still occur after refresh?

Robert D. Thompson

Can you provide a longer trial period on Framer JS or a way to work with it non-commercially until a budget allows purchase?

Koen Bok

Robert mail support, we can provide extensions.

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