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Ryhan Hassan
Posted Feb 10 - Read on Facebook

Hey folks, I just added a Framer integration to Dropbox Paper, and wanted to invite you all to try it out.

As of today, if you paste in a link from Framer Studio, we'll automatically create an interactive embed of your prototypes. This makes it super easy to organize and give context around your prototypes, as well as share and get feedback from your team.

Hope you enjoy :)


Sergey Voronov

looks like feature is not available anymore?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah I've been having issues with it too.

Viral Jogani

Ooh this is sick! Much more potential than Google Docs

Taylor Rogalski

Ed Chao

this is the future guys.


Forces. Combining.

George Kedenburg III

Chris Conover

Yes! Love this.

Ryan Gonzalez

OMG this is awesome

Dave Gamache

This is crazy rad man. Good work.

Samrous Don

good friend

Josh Puckett

<3 this, but I wouldn't trust whoever made that prototype ;)

Achal Varma

Straight 🔥🔥🔥


This is soooo rad!!! 😍

Guy Gunaratne

What. This is so dope.

Adria Jimenez

Amazing! Thanks

Andrew Nalband

OMG, Paper is so nice

Ash Huang


Brain Rush

Now if I could only get off the Paper waitlist so I could try...

Jorn van Dijk


Danny White

Hey, is this still supported? Can't seem to get it to work, even with multiple public prototypes

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