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Aaron James
Posted Nov 25 - Read on Facebook

I had some more time today to put together another one of my simple modules. This time around, I created an easy way to include Android Touch Ripples to your project. You can find the module here:

Any feedback? Let me know.


Aaron James

Jordan Robert Dobson Is it cool that I linked to your Pointer Module in my project?

Marc Krenn

hey Aaron,
if you want to, you can achieve the ripple effect without using Jordan's pointer module. Here's how:


Aaron James

Marc Krenn if I remember correctly, it will work within Framer Studio fine, but once on device, the midX and midY are not translated correctly and will appear broken. The Pointer module will help with consistency for Click and Touch Events across Framer Studio and device.

Marc Krenn

Ah, I see. Good to know!

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