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Gregory Dean Hall
Posted Nov 24 - Read on Facebook

My clients have iPhone 6 plus's. I have designed @1x for iphone 6+ in sketch. Had to scale in framer by 3 to display on viewer iPhone 6 Plus. I have an iPhone 5. How do i now view it on my iPhone 5? Hew!!!


Arron J Hunt

If you want it truly responsive you'll need to manually create all the layers so that they are dynamic

Gregory Dean Hall

Okay, why does framer pixelate my designs to fit the device viewer?

Gregory Dean Hall

when I view examples on my iPhone 5, they are all too big

Arron J Hunt

Because sketch files are designed at a specific width. When you import them into framer, it has to maintain that static width value because there's no way to interpret which layers should be dynamic and which ones will be static. You have two options: Manually recreate the sketch file in framer by setting dynamic widths and positioning, or create two projects, one for large iPhones and one for small iPhones. I would suggest the first one.

Gregory Dean Hall

Okay thanks. Are the examples from Framer responsive? They dont scale on my phone

Leonid Nazarov

I have the same problem. This is so annoying.

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