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Nick Bewley
Posted Nov 30 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to set the fill width of a sliderComponent? For example, something like attached:


Arron J Hunt

So you'd like the fill to not match the handle

Jorn van Dijk

Benjamin has a nice update to SliderComponent planned.

Nick Bewley

Yes exactly Arron. Sounds promising Jorn, thanks for the update. Is that update coming soon or should I take the time and roll my own?

German Bauer

Sounds like what your are looking for is more like a progress bar

Nick Bewley

Thanks for your comment German Bauer. Not exactly. Imagine a progress bar with which a user could set a threshold value. As a real world example, imagine you would like to be notified when your Thanksgiving turkey is 80% finished so that you could begin basting it. Using this control, you could represent the temperature of the turkey while also allowing users to set the point at which they would like to be notified to start basting.

Joshua Tucker

Hey Nick! In the meantime, you can give this a go - create a new class and override the _updateFill function from SliderComponent. Cheers Jorn van Dijk / Jonas Treub, can't wait to see the update.

Nick Bewley

Nice one thanks Joshua!

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