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Lynn Liangying
Posted Nov 25 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone know how to do the fans' speed part? When press up or down the blocks will increase and decrease.
Here is the link:


Anton Jarl

An array where you hide or show the next layer depending on which button you press maybe?

Josh Ackerman

This idea is not perfect but you could mask everything and change the state (position) of the mask when you click up or down.

Stephen Crowley

Took a stab at it (code at the bottom)... and thanks to my dude Joshua Tucker for knocking some sense into me when I couldn't remember the syntax for appending a variable to the layer name.

Stephen Crowley

Thought it would be fun to make the fan spin faster or slower depending on the speed... I think to really mimic the display it would be cool to not have it be as smooth but here it is:

Chris Chen

It is nice to see people using Framer for prototypes outside of mobile device :)

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