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Arturo Goicochea
Posted Nov 24 - Read on Facebook

My time has come! Here's my first shareable prototype (i.e. "finished enough"). I'd love your help and comments on it. It's an app I'm designing for keeping score when playing golf and helping calculating bets.

At first I was using an "on-rails" design for creating a new game but I started to seriously doubt if this would work: what if they want to go back and delete/add a player? Change a bet? Do I know which order the want to/can configure a new game? I then thought: a way to solve this would be to have a quick navigation for the steps: selecting the golf court, adding the players and configuring the bets.

My current design for starting a new game: show the steps and let them choose what they want. And at any point they can stop and go into another step (or finish that step and then choose the next). I thought it would feel cumbersome to have to go in and out but since they are only three steps..I feel the navigation feels fluid too.

I guess testing with actual users will do the trick. Anyways, enough jibber jabber, here's my prototype!


Jordan Robert Dobson

Awesome! It's great to see this coming out of the Seattle area!

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