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Guy Gunaratne
Posted Dec 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, neck deep in a Framer project and have a problem which looks to be a common one. Wondering whether there is a solve.

I'm working on a something which has a scroll menu with items within it that are clickable. Problem is I can't find a way that allows users to scroll without firing a click event in one of the sublayers. Any ideas?

sidebar -> maskGroup -> Group -> item1,2,3

contentList = ScrollComponent.wrap(sketch.Group)
contentList.scrollHorizontal = false

Click Event:
sketch.item1.on Events.Click, ->


Andrew Nalband

See Benjamin Den Boer's example on

Andrew Nalband

These are the lines you'll want

Guy Gunaratne

Great, thanks Andrew. I'll have a go and report back

Ning Chen

Thanks a lot.

Guy Gunaratne

Andrew with a bit of tinkering, totally worked. Thanks!

Luke Warda

Hi guys, I've tried this on my prototype and it works in the simulator but on my iPhone the events keep being fired. Any ideas?

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