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Hanno ten Hoor
Posted Nov 23 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone, my name is Hanno. I made a prototype Hue remote this weekend. The two circles represent lights, the slider on the bottom controls the brightness.

It works by drawing a background gradient in a canvas element and the reading the value right beneath the circle while dragging. Changing the brightness is done by changing the brightness value of the gradient itself.

So nice you have the full power of webkit available. Let me know what you think!


Anton Jarl

The slider should be per light in the end I guess? Good work so far!

Hanno ten Hoor

I'm also playing with the idea of making the brightness the horizontal axis and color vertical. That way the slider could control the overal brightness.

Anton Jarl

Also. maybe use this to set some kind of a mood around the device? Framer.Device.background.backgroundColor = "#000"

Hanno ten Hoor

Pretty nice, sort of like Philips Ambilight:

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