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Javier Chávarri
Posted Nov 23 - Read on Facebook

I've been working on integrating Hammer with Framer, so we can use something like:

layer.on Events.Pinch, (ev) ->

in Framer in a transparent way, including all the available gestures at Hammer: Pinch, Rotate, Tap, Press, Pan and Swipe. And also retrieve the parameters from Hammer events: velocity, angle, distance...

I put an example in the following link -open it from your phone better, from your laptop the pinch and rotate examples won't work-. I would love to hear your ideas or suggestions! :)


Javier Chávarri
Jorn van Dijk

Legit work!

Chris Chen

This is great!

Way Chang

Nice! Very useful!

Brandon Souba

This is really great.

Kishore Doddi


Koen Bok

Let's land this baby.

Javier Chávarri


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