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Mike Scopino
Posted Nov 20 - Read on Facebook

First time working with the pageComponent and scrollComponent elements. They're great. But I can't seem to add any layers with click events inside of them. It works on desktop browsers but then the events don't fire when viewing in Frameless on iOS or Framer on Android. It seems like the dragging overrides any subLayer events.

I made a simple example to demonstrate the issue. Can post code if needed.

Swipe left/right to see pages. Click the white box on the red page to fire a click event.


Raphaël de Courville

You're right about the dragging overriding the custom event. This is a common pitfall and should really be fixed or documented by now (pretty pleaaaase). Writing this from memory: you need to add a Utils.delay(0) (not sure about the exact syntax) after your click event. If you feel brave, you can search the group for the many threads that mentioned the problem.

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