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Lynn Liangying
Posted Nov 19 - Read on Facebook

Working on a school project to prototype the climate system in car. I created a layer in framer called temperatureLayer, so by pressing the up and down temperature button, it can show decreased or increased temperature. But it says it is not an object?Can anyone helps me?
By the way, how can I make the temperatureLayer be a sublayer of onoffcontrol layer? This is the link:http: //


Lynn Liangying

Sorry the link is not clickable, this is the one:

Timon van Spronsen

You're trying to access temperatureLayer as part of the layers object. But temperatureLayer is actually an object on it's own, and not part of the layers object. The layers object only consists of the layers that were imported from the Sketch file. Hope that helps :).

Lynn Liangying

Here is another problem: the temperature can only be increased but can't be decreased. I don't know why.
I updated the project:

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