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Jonas Treub
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook

I’m super excited to introduce the VRComponent to you today! I’ve been intrigued by VR in the past couple of months and started experimenting with it inside Framer. Those experiments led to the release of VRComponent today and I’m stoked to see what you’ll design with it.

More info on the blog:

Starter template:


Koen Bok

We really hope this will help more designers start experimenting with virtual reality. Just as going from static to interactive design, this will be a huge leap. The difference is that we will even have less time to adapt for this new medium as designers, and there is a ton to learn. So go at it!

Danny White

Heck yes!!

Jorn van Dijk

Fantastic work Jonas!

Katie Wu


Riccardo Buzzotta

You guys are effin' serious! Gotta get married to Framer :D

Joshua Tucker

Jonas Treub, you are spectacular!

Riomar Mccartney

Fumiya Nakamura Framer is getting very interesting with its capabilities!

Stephen Crowley


Brandon Souba

Cc Hugo van Heuven

Robert Glad

Dmitry Sholkov we NEED to test this out!!


so amazing!!!

Joshua Pekera

That's bad ass dude. Reminds a little of Facebook's new 360 videos. minus the video, but still very cool

Christiaan Quak

Pure awesomeness!

Mike Feldstein

*runs to computer*

Prerak Trivedi

Holy sss

Nicolas Russo-Larsson

yes yes yes!

Ces Cortez

So so cool. The Framer post links to Paul Lewis's cube map tutorial. It includes a Blender file that takes a panorama and generates a 6 image cube map. His panorama is from Photosynth, but I couldn't try it out since the iOS app is discontinued in the US. I had some luck using Google's Street View iOS app to make a 360 panorama to generate 6 images to use in Framer.

Aditya Pradhan

That is surreal ! Great job Jonas

Jeffery James

Good write up! I am now inspired. :)

Ryan Gambles

Well done!

Dionis Loire

Holy crap, this is awesome! Ideas, ideas... come on think! How does one apply this........ O . O i got it!~ PORN!

Ed Chao

I poked around today. Am having trouble getting clicks detected on vr layers. Any ideas why? Thanks!

Terrence Breschi

Brad Hilton get ready

Ehren Miller

So next question: how do we use the prototype on a VR headset? Is there a way to split the screen and generate the proper perspective for use in a Google Cardboard type set-up?

Jonas Treub

The VRComponent got updated and now uses the new gestures instead of an invisible draggable layer. This means that interactions are no longer blocked on desktop. The horizontal pan gesture also works on mobile. Mobile panning is enabled by default. For the orientation event we have switched to a more compact format. Head over to the Github page for all the details:

Mike Hughes

Thanks Guys for all the hard work, starting to get very interested in VR prototyping and this is a great next step !!! Any guesstimate about 3D Stereoscopic support ? How very very cool would it be to proto some interactions using mobile and Google Cardboard viewers !!!

Mike Hughes

Hi Jonas, given Google just released VR View:

Mike Hughes
Jonas Treub

Nice! I probably will but it might take a while. Contributions are very welcome too. So if you like a challenge ;)

Mike Hughes
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