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Nicola Felasquez Felaco
Posted Nov 24 - Read on Facebook

Already posted? It's awesome!


Amal Alili


Rapha Ël

Nice Dude !

Daniel Di Pietro


Stefano Fois

it is a Killer prototyping app for me ^_^

Stephane Massey


Josef Richter

could be killer. curious to see how they'll sort out obvious limitations.

Son Dang

can't wait

Diego Jiménez

Promising... on video. Let's wait to try it.

Billy Carlson

Looks awesome. I wish it worked with designing for the web too.

Harish Kumar S

Wow wonderful 😀

Chris Camargo

Interesting approach. Terrible music.

Jordan Robert Dobson

This looks like exactly the same thing you can do in interface builder?

Joshua Pekera

Looks cool

Esteban Castro

bye! Flinto...

Joshua Pekera

Christophe - This type of interface would be fantastic for Sketch Data Populator. It reminds of this

Sila Mutungi

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

Chad Lonberger

Very interesting. Signed up but didn't receive confirmation email. We're happy to help beta if any of the team is monitoring this thread.

Chad Lonberger

...also, having built a few Sketch plugins, I didn't realize the flinto-like draggable connectors and modals displayed in the video were actually possible via the Sketch developer API? Anyone know how this was done? Or if the video is just a proof of concept?

Sander Värv

Can't wait to try it out. Doing this all inside Sketch is HUGE!

Raul Rincon

This seems like a truly game changer for prototyping..It's gonna be fucking insane.

Leon Kosters


Amal Alili

I think it is same app with adobe comet, yes?

Craig Murray

Can't wait to try this! Never received email confirmation either. If anyone's reading this thread from Silver - pls let me kick the tires on this bad boy.

Edgar Lechaudel

The same for desktop prototyping?

Lukas Imrich

Craig Murray, my confirmation landed landed in spam, check yours

Remco Bakker

Would be totally awesome if principle and sketch teamed up

Michael Todd

Can't wait!

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