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Christian Dorian
Posted Nov 19 - Read on Facebook

Hi All had a question about the Frameless iOS app.

Everything looks great in the framer iPhone 6 preview on my desktop, but when I open in Frameless on my iPhone 6 the designs scale is off.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.



Joshua Pekera

share a link to your prototype and I'll take a look

Jordan Robert Dobson

What version of framer are you running?

Jay Stakelon

And what version of Frameless? This was a wodespread problem when ios9 first came out but it should be fixed both in Frameless and in the index files generates by framer nowadays

Christian Dorian

Looks like I am up to date:
Framer v45 (2537), Frameless 2.0.5

Here is my prototype:

Thanks again for the help!

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